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15.01.2019 For the attention of shareholders PJSC "SVS-Dnipro"
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18.12.2018 For the attention of shareholders PJSC "SVS-Dnipro"
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GISMETEO: Погода по г.Киев

Using the energy of the sun is a step towards the future!

The usage of solar energy is a step into the future! Humanity during the development process has learned to use the solar energy. “SVS-Dnipro” PJSC is the company that closely trace the usage of advanced technologies, analyzing the possibilities of their implementation for own activities. The Company's specialists have designed and assembled a solar power plant (SPP) and installed it onto the roof of an administrative building. Eighty JA Solar JAP6-60 275 Wp modules with polycrystal structure with the following parameters were installed: • Maximum output power – 275 W; • Maximum output voltage – 31.54 V; • Maximum output current – 8.72 A. DC input modules with fuse boxes and pulse overvoltage protectors were installed. Fronius SYMO type inventor is designed exclusively for operation with on-grid PV systems. Inventor automatically tracks public power grid and in case of violation of its operation instantly trips power supply. Maximum output power of the installed SPP – 20.25 kW. Such type of SPP provides the possibility to save monthly from 2 to 3 MW/h, depending on operating conditions.

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