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Our services · Electrical installation works · Electrical equipment installation
Electrical equipment installation

SVS-Dnipro is highly experienced in performing works related to installation of electrical equipment both in the event of building new facilities and reconstructing the existing ones. In this case, depending on design data and customer wishes, we install equipment made by both national and leading foreign manufacturers. We offer delivery, installation, and any electrical equipment adjustment services to our customers.

Switchboard electrical equipment:
LD  –lead-in distributors;
DP – distribution points;
MSB – main switchboard;
PB – power board;
ALT – automatic load transfer;
CB – control box;
LP – lighting panel;
DSB – distribution switchboard;
CSB – control switchboard;
ASB – automatic switchboard.
Power equipment: - transformers
TSS – transformer substation;
PTSS – package transformer substation;
DSS – distribution substation

Once installation works are completed, we perform a range of start-up and adjustment works, including check, adjustment, and testing of electrical equipment in order to ensure electrical parameters and modes established by the design.

Монтаж электроборудования
Монтаж электроборудования
Монтаж электроборудования
Монтаж электроборудования
Монтаж электроборудования
Монтаж электроборудования
Монтаж электроборудования
Монтаж электроборудования
Монтаж электроборудования
Монтаж электроборудования


As a general contractor, SVS-Dnipro PJSC performs a whole range of electrical installation works in the process of building new and reconstructing of working main reducing substations and deep input substations, as well as distribution points not integrated in substations with a voltage of up to 330 kV and higher.

Normally, works are accompanied by installation of equipment made by leading global and national manufacturers (power transformers, autotransformers, bus systems and sections, power circuit breakers, disconnect switches, etc).

Advanced high voltage breakers such as sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers are widely used in the process of substation construction and reconstruction.

Sulfur hexafluoride SF6 (electronegative gas) is characterized not just by much higher electrical strength than transformer oil, dielectric strength, which is promptly renovated when passing a current through zero, but also by better arc control properties. Besides, electronegative gas is not toxic, does not catch fire, has no color, odor, is chemically non-reactive in up to 150°С and has no negative effect on metal, plastic, and other construction materials which are normally used in high-voltage circuit breakers. This is the reason why use of electronegative circuit breakers is often the most successful and justified technical solution.

We also perform large scopes of works related to construction and installation of 10(6)/0.4 kV TSS and PTSS consumer substations (factory made package transformer substations consisting of transformers, blocks of package distribution devices, and other components supplied in a fully assembled or partially assembled form prepared for being assembled).

In the event of a developed part of cities and absence of new TSS construction, SVS-Dnipro manufactures and installs underground package transformer substations (UPTSS) similar to those developed by the Czech BETONBAU company.
UPTSS is a functionally joint uniform electrical system made in the monolithic reinforced concrete environment to be installed for underground installation in places of compact planning and designed to receive, transform, and distribute three-phase current electricity.

Underground and imbedded transformer substations are hidden and delicate in respect to the environment.
Being a member of the Ukrgidroenergo Association National Public Organization, SVS-Dnepr has been performing works in hydropower engineering facilities since it was founded. During 2002-2009, important works were performed to reconstruct Kyiv Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Plant and HPP.

During 2008-2009, specialists of SVS-Dnipro PJSC, as part of Ukrgidroenergostroy NPO Consortium, performed a range of construction and installation works in Dniestr Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Plant, one of the nation’s largest energy project.

2016 SS750
The new technology of installation of coupling joints for the 330 kV cable line

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