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GISMETEO: Погода по г.Киев
Finalized projects · 2011 projects
2011 projects
Under construction
Project name Type of completed works Details
SS "Sevastopol"   ●   Reconstruction of emergency automation at the substations: "Dzhankoy", "Ostrovskaya",    
      "Novokahovska", "Bahchisaraiy", "Feodosiya", "Krasnoperekopska", "Titan";
●   Construction of  radio-mast for operational communication of overhead line at the substation
Main types of work according to the project were performed at the substation "Sevastopol":
●   Construction of the new 330 kV switchgear cubicles that include portals, SF6 circuit-breakers,
     current and voltage transformers, as well as disconnectors;
●   330/110/35 kV autotransformer equipped with the innovation noise shield, unloading platform and path to roll it over was installed ;
●   Reconstruction of 110 kV open switchgear (mounting the new portal, equipping the additional
      cubicle, replacement of circuit-breakers for gas insulated, current transformers and
●   Reconstruction of 35 kV switchgear with stage by stage execution of work without disconnection
     of consumers (replacement of outdated transformers for more modern, mounting additional current transformer and surge arrestors);
●   Installation of cable facilities;
●   Construction of the new central control building (relay room, remote control board, different
     supporting systems);
●   Construction of diesel substation;
●   Construction of the new buildings, intended to provide normal operation of substation, work
      environment of the maintenance personnel, as well as warning and liquidation of the
●   Land improvement.
     In addition:
●   overhead power line Simferopol - Sevastopol with a length of more than 60 km, was transferred
     onto 330 kV voltage with the replacement of lightning guard rope and several supports;
●   overhead power lines Simferopol - Sevastopol are equipped with entries to the corresponding 
     330 kV switchgears, and entry of 220 kV overhead power line Bahchisaraiy - Sevastopol to the
     220 kV switchgear of the substation "Sevastopol";
●   relay line Simferopol main electric networks - radio centre of Crimean power system - 
     substation "Sevastopol" are mounted, and also was laid the fiber-optic communication cable line 
     Crimean power system - Simferopol main electric networks.
SS "Olympiyska"  

●   construction of substation the anti-landslide measures (construction of retaining walls), arrangement of pile field, construction of building were executed and the following electrical equipment was installed:
●   two power transformers of 63000 kVA power;
●   closed switchgear of 110 kV with SF6 circuit-breakers;
●   closed switchgear of 10 kV with vacuum circuit-breaker;
●   busbar bridges of 10 kV;
●   auxiliary transformers of 250 kVA, four arc-suppression coils;
●   relay-type room and cable facilities.
Secondary switching and precommissioning are fulfilled in the whole scope. Provided by the project fire alarm solutions, fire extinguishing, heating and ventilations are executed. Besides, were mounted the technological processes automated control system and executed work on remote control and automatic energy accounting control system (ASKOE) and land improvement.  
During the construction process the following works were executed:
●   cable line 110 kV of 3,6 km by length was laid, cable duct of 602 m by length was constructed,     
      linear and station constructions of fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL) are renewed, ESG
     110 kV (external switchgear) at the SS "Moscowska" is reconstructed;
●   mounting of 30 joint and 12 terminal boxes of the "PFISTERER" company;
●   connection of SS “Olympiyska” by the temporary power supply circuit via the branch from existing
     double-link overhead line 110 kV “CHHP-5” – “Moscowska” – “Protasyvska” – “Solomyanska”;
●   tunnel junctions were made by the method of  horizontally directed drilling at the Baikova str.,
     via Grinchenka str., railway bed and Lybed river of 155 m by total length; under the Sovka river
     of 40 m by length; passage at Velyka Vasylkovskaya str. of 40 m by length and in Hospitalny
     side str. of 33 m by length. In total it was laid more than 2150 m of pipes.   
●   asphaltic-concrete pavement is restored, the general area of 32300 m2

SS 330/110/10кВ "Severnaya"  
-     an expansion and reconstruction of OSG-330 kV (open switchgear) by the scheme 330-11-(one-and-half scheme) with the offset of circuit-breakers and current transformers out of jumper of the other connections 330 kV, replacement of existing air circuit-breakers for gas-insulated, existing disconnectors, current and voltage transformers, that already worked for their life time for the new ones with the replacement of damaged existing reinforced concrete bus and linear portals for metall and replacement of all damaged cable trays;
-     a reconstruction of OSG-110 kV by the scheme 110-8 (two operational, sectioned by circuit-breakers and bypass system of buses with two bypass and two bus-tie switches) with the replacement of existing oil circuit-breakers for gas-insulated, disconnectors 110 kV that already worked for their life time for disconnectors with remote control and replacement of damaged reinforced concrete linear portals and cable trays for the new one;
-     an installation of autotransformer AT-3 330/110/10 kV of power 200МVА with the reconstruction of existing fire-prevention pumping station, reconstruction of the fire-extinguishing gate valves camera of AT, construction on 10 kV side the AT-3 GSCU-10kV (general substation control unit) with corresponding cabinets switchgear 10KV and current-limiting reactors and installation of Auxiliary transformer-3 with connection to existing network 0,4кВ;
-     a construction of additional general substation control unit (GSCU-2) with fire alarm and arranging there the second storage battery 220В and new boards of relay protection, automation and devices of  ACS-TP of SS;
-     a reconstruction of the networks and constructions of the substation water-supply and networks of the fire water supply with the provision of additional reservoir for storing spare water and replacement the steel pipes for plastic;
-     a reconstruction of the water and oil drainage system under fire extinguishing of AT with construction of closed oil collectors, pumping stations of the water drainage system treating facilities for domestic and oiled runoff.
-     a reconstruction of dispatching and technological control (DTC) with the use of operating remote device and modernization of uninterruptible power system to DTC.
-     a reconstruction of the cable communication line SS 330 kV "Severnaya" - Central (Kyiv city) in order to provide the reserve communication channels;
-    a reconstruction of GSCU-1 constructions, buildings of the auxiliary purpose (BAP), checkpoint, restoration of cable ducts and trays, fencing of SS with the replacement of metallic external fence for reinforced concrete, construction the new and restoration of existing intrasubstation and access highway to SS;

 Cable branch in Donetsk city
  ● construction of the cable branch from double-circuit overhead line 110 kV "Smolyanka - Poshtoviy" and "Magistralina" - "Zasyadko".
● Installation of joint and terminal boxes "Pfieser".
Length of CL - 110 kV - 2155 m;
Laid cable - 15000 m
Reconstruction CL 110 kV SS "Polytechnichna" - SS "Vokzalna", SS "Polytechnichna" - SS "Centre" ● Replacement of existing oil-filled cable MNASH 1*270 for PvEgaPu 1*630/95 two CL 110 kV SS "Polytechnichna" - SS "Vokzalna" and SS "Pollytechnichna - SS "Centre" from PU-40 to KCtM66, 19 km of cabling ;
● Replacement in PU-40 terminal boxes of MKM-110 type for terminal boxes of ONUT 145С type with polymer insulator;
● Replacement of valve arresters RVS- 110м type for surge suppressor of 110 kV type RSA3108, with counter of operation of SC-13 type;
● Tunnel junction of 40м by length was made under Kudryashova str. by the method of horizontally directed drilling (HDD). In total it was laid 324 m of pipes.
Reconstruction of heating main №1 from DHP "Vydradniy", at the section from UT-139B up to UT-143/6A on industrialna str. in Kyiv city ● Complete replacement of the existing pipeline of 400 mm by diameter for the preinsulated pipe of 530/710 mm by diameter at the section from heat chamber UT-139B up to UT-143/6А;
● Reconstruction of three assemblies of sectioning UT-139B, UT-139B/2, UT-143/6А;
● Electrification of gate valve drives in the assemblies of sectioning and installation of telephone pipe run for the gate valves dispatch control.
The length of heating main route – 849м, laid pipes – 1710m.
Electrical cable laying – 1000m, pipe run – 500 m.

Design-estimated documentation
Reconstruction of CL-110 kV "SS "Polytechnichna" - SS "Vokzalna" and CL-110 kV "SS "Pollytechnichna" - SS "Centre Design Stage: detailed design.
Purpose of the work: Increasing the reliability and transmission capacity of the existing cable networks of 110 kV, SS "Polytechnichna" - SS "Centre" and SS " Pollytechnichna" - SS "Vokzalna", by means of replacement the existing oil-filled cables of 110 kV for the new cables with insulation of "cross-linked polyethylene" and increased cross-section of cable lead. Positive conclusion of the complex state expert examination SE "Ukrderzhbudekspertiza" is obtained

Construction of power SS "Olympiyska" with laying of cable line 110 kV from SS "Moscowska" to SS "Olympiyska"
 Design Stage: working documents
Purpose of work: Increasing the reliability of power supply to the facilities of NSC "Olympiyska" and trade-entertainment and hotel complexes that are constructed within the bounds of State task program of preparation and holding in Ukraine the play-off part of the Europe 2012 football championship

Kazantipska WPS (wind power station) of 100 MW power  Design Stage: design.
Purpose of work: Construction of wind power station of 100МW power, with the use of 33 wind turbines by 3 MW power each. The power of specified wind power station shall be used for increasing the reliability of power supply to the users of Crimea

Technical and economic comparison of power supply variants for the tobacco factory in Priluki town  Design Stage: front end engineering design.
Purpose of work: Determination of the optimum variant and diagram of connection the power users of tobacco factory "Priluki" to the networks of PJSC "Chernigivoblenergo"

CL-10 kV for external power supply to the trade-office complex with the facilities of public purpose and parking, 1, Sportyvna sq., in Kyiv city  Design  Stage: detailed design
Purpose of work: Increasing the reliability of power supply to the facility:
"Construction of trade-office complex with the facilities of public purpose and parking, on 1, Sportyvna sq. in Pechersky district of Kyiv city", as well as switching the part of power consumers in the district from SS "Centre" to SS "Olympiyska"

 "Overhead line 750 kV Zaporizhska NPP - Kahovska, from SS 750 kV Kahovska and inputs of Overhead line 330 kV". Starting complex №3 (Reconstruction of SS 330 kV "Novokahovskaya" with replacement of AT 220/150/35 kV for AT 330/220/35кВ)  Design Stage: working documents.
Purpose of work: Provision of transmission the electric power to the Crimean power system.
The reconstruction of SS 330 kV "Novokahovska" stipulates for installation the new autotransformer AT1-250 MVA-330/220/35kV with connection of existing Overhead line 220 kV on the SS 220 kV "Titan" to the new 220 kV cubicle. The existing AT1-3 x 100МW 220/150/35 kV and OSG 220 kV are demounted. Dismantling of operating OSG-35 kV. Installation of the new 330 kV cubicles.
Construction of new building for the closed distribution center 35/6 kV with installation the cubicles with SF6 circuit-breakers of 35 kV, vacuum circuit breaker of 6 kV. Installation of current-limiting reactors, 6 kV bus bridges by current of 5000 A

"Rehabilitations of the substation SS-330KV "Pyvdenna"  Design Stage: detailed design.
Purpose of work: Replacement of voltage transformers, current transformers, air circuit breakers with SF6 gas insulation of 330 kV and 150 kV.
Construction of building for the placement of relay boards for the automation control of breakers on microprocessor devices.
Arrangement of additional cable ductwork on the substation territory.
Given rehabilitation will raise reliability of the substation operation and period of its service

"Rehabilitations of substation SS-330kV "Dneprodzerzhinska"  Design Stage: detailed design.
Purpose of work: Replacement of voltage transformers, current transformers, air circuit breakers with SF6 gas insulation of 330 kV and 150 kV.
Construction of building for the placement of relay-type panels for the automation control of breakers on microprocessor devices.
Arrangement of additional cable ductwork on the substation territory.
Given rehabilitation will raise reliability of the substation operation and period of its service

 "Power transmission line of 750 kV for the output of powers from Rivnenska and Khmelnitska NPP. Overhead line 750 kV Rivnenska NPP – SS Kyivska with expansion of SS "Kyivska" 750 kV and entries of Overhead line 750 kV
 Design Stage: working documents.
Purpose of work: The development of abovementioned working documents is caused by the need to bring the conditions of Rivneneska and Khmelnitska NPPs powers output to standard level, to increase the operational reliability of the united power system network of Ukraine and increase capacity of intersystem communications West-Vinnitsa

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