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Finalized projects · 2010 projects
2010 projects
Project name
Type of executed works
330 kV cable line laying for external power supply of electrosmelting complex on section from Pridneprovskaya CHPP to SS 330/35/10 kV Pechnaya Construction works, cable lines. 330 kV cable lines laying, construction of pits. Arrangement of piped overpasses and installation of pipes into carrying cases. Installation of communication cables and telemechanics system. Installation of terminal boxes (12 pcs.) and joint sleeves (84 pcs.). Laboratory testing of cable and sleeves. Restoration of roads covering, pavements and green zone.
Reconstruction of 110 kV cable line CHPP-5 SS Bastionnaya 1, 2 (2-nd stage) Construction works, cable lines. Execution of works under reconstruction of facility on turnkey base
External power supply of plant which produces MDF in Korosten city, Zhitomir district, Oktyabrskaya str., 11-b. Construction works, cable lines. Execution of complex of construction, electrical installation and commissioning works under construction of SS 35/10 kV Progress and 35 kV cable line laying SS Iskorost SS Progress on turnkey base
Construction of residential house 4 according to overall plan with built-in public facilities in district Masyukovschina-5 in Minsk city, the Republic of Belarus Construction works Execution of complex of works under construction and commissioning of residential part of the house
Reconstruction of electrical networks in the private housing of Pechersk district on streets Staronavodnitskaya, Panfilovtsev, Redutnaya, Kozyatinskaya and Reuta alley in Kyiv city Electrical installation works, cable lines, installation of equipment.  10 kV cable line laying for power supply of Packaged Transformer Substation-3. Connection of 4 0,4 kV cable lines to Packaged Transformer Substation-6508. Installation of two panels SK-7 and their connection
External power supply for living quarter with social and public facilities on Professor Podvyisotskiy street in Kyiv. Electrical installation works, cable lines, installation of equipment. Dismantling of Packaged Transformer Substation 6841 and Packaged Transformer Substation 6842. Switching of 10 kV cable lines.
Conversion to 330 kV voltage overhead line Simferopol-Sevastopol with the reconstruction and extension of the SS "Simferopol" and SS "Sevastopol". Electrical installation works, construction works. Electrical installation works on OSG 35 kV, OSG 110 kV, OSG 220 kV, OSG 330 kV of SS "Sevastopol". Off-site network pressure of sewer and water mains. Internal water supply and sewerage network. Plumbing works on firefighting pump station. Onsite network of sewer pump station, oil drain, pressure sewer, drinking water, fire water. Installation of the floodlight towers and radio masts - antennas. Construction and installation work on the installation of the main transformers. Installation of the inner and outer fences, etc
Construction of trade and office complex with community facilities and parking on Sportivnaya sq. 1 in Pechersk district, Kyiv Electrical installation works, cable lines. Re-laying of 10 kV cable line 373-3692. Re-laying of kV cable line SS Bastionnaya - 5880, SS Bastionnaya - 11.
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