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About the Company · Company’s history
Company’s history
  Since its foundation in March 1993 and until now, SVS-Dnipro PJSC has been operating in the energy industry of Ukraine’s national economy. Since then its headcount of staff has increased more
Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Vypirailo
Chairman of supervisory board of PJSC "SVS-Dnipro"
Director general of LLC "KECC"
Nikolai Vladimirovich Kravchenko
Director of PJSC "SVS-Dnipro"
Honored power engineer of Ukraine
than tenfold. Many of them have been involved in the implementation of big construction projects such as Chernobylskaya, Smolenskaya, and Khmelnitskaya NPPs, Dnestr Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Plant,
Assouanskaya HPP (Egypt), Huratua NPP (Cuba), Zhyzhel HPP (Algeria), and many other projects.

   Increasing every year scopes of work which have been performed using its own resources, SVS-Dnipro PJSC has significantly expanded its activities due to which the founders have decided to create Kyiv Energy Construction Company LLC. The key area of the Company’s activities is performance of works related to installation of distribution points, cable power lines and overhead power lines of 0.4-110/330 kV electrical networks, electrical supply to buildings and facilities, and also performance of design and general construction works.

   In July 2007, it was decided to found the SVS-Dnipro Group which included SVS-Dnipro PJSC as a founder and KECC LLC. The SVS-Dnipro Group performs a range of electric installation works related to upgrading switchgears at substations with the capacity of 6-330 kV and more, providing electrical supply to consumers, a range of electric installation works to reconstruct 10 kV SG (switchgear) and 0.4 SG (switchgear), construction, electric installation, installation and start-up works, construction and reconstruction of cable lines, construction and installation works related to reconstruction and laying of district heating networks using pre-insulated pipes, general construction and finishing works.
   In December 2006, KECC-1 subsidiary, KECC-2 subsidiary, and KECC-3 subsidiary were founded on the basis of KECC LLC in accordance with their lines of activities. Specialists and managers of the SVS-Dnipro Group were trained at the International Institute for Project Management and Directions. The Company’s trained engineers and workers, being highly qualified and having modern technologies, can successfully complete projects of any complexity proposed by investors. Quality of works being completed is guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system integrated and supported by the DEKRA Certification Sp. z.o.o. body.

   The SVS-Dnipro PJSC structure, the existing production facilities, and business contacts make it possible to work in an autonomous way at a significant distance away from the main location places, use various modern equipment, construction and finishing materials. The Company has its own design division and completing division thanks to which it is possible to perform construction and installation works along with design works and equipment supply, i.e. provide turnkey services.
   SVS-Dnipro PJSC owns a fleet of machinery, mechanisms, and equipment necessary to perform a whole range of installation, general construction, and special works. Having an impressive production and technological potential, we have succeeded in mastering to perfection advanced technologies in the area of installation of external electrical and heat supply networks, electrical equipment installation, monolithic building construction, floor and roof installation, and performance of finishing works.

   On numerous occasions, the companies of the SVS-Dnipro Group have won awards in the Best Product of the Year contest for high quality and leading positions on the market, the Golden Hands of Ukraine, the National Economy Leader, and the Ukraine’s Construction and Architecture Leader contests.
The Group’s motto: Always A Step Ahead.
The new technology of installation of coupling joints for the 330 kV cable line

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