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GISMETEO: Погода по г.Киев

Laying of high-voltage CL in Ukraine - the experience of "SVS-DNIPRO" company. Elektropanorama # 9, 2010.

The Company is one of the first in Ukraine who has mastered the cabling with XLPE insulation - "cross-linked polyethylene" and the first in Ukraine who has performed the cabling for 110 kV voltage. For to-day the specialists of company constructed 11 projects where cable of 110 kV was laid and mounted. Mainly they are CL in Kiev, and also in Donetsk and in Volyne. Works were performed with the use of cable manufactured by the leading world companies - NEXANS, NOKIA-PIRELLI, "ABB Moskabeli", Telefonika, "Yzhcabel". All works were performed in the complex conditions of the city, on the thoroughfares, in the central part of Kiev city. Works on mounting of the cable coupling boxes were performed both by the specialists of vendors within the framework of contract supervision, and by the specialists of CJSC "SVS-DNIPRO", which were trained in companies KABELDON ABB and PFISTERER that is confirmed by the corresponding certificates.


For to-day two construction projects of high-voltage CL are in progress.
The First Project - a reconstruction of CL 110 kV "CHPP-5 - Bastionnaya" (the second stage). Installation of the cable of ПвЭгаПу 64/110 kV 1 x 630/95 mark manufactured by the "Yuzhkabel" plant with using cable coupling boxes of the PFISTERER and TYCO-RAYCHEM companies at the given project is in progress.
On the first stage of construction the given object in 2009 the cable of the XRUHKXS 64/110kV mark of TELE-FONIKA (the Poland) company was laid.
Provided the works on the first object were familiar and well known for the personnel of CJSC "SVS-DNIPRO" then the second project - "Cable line 330 kV for external power supply to the electric steel-making complex of "Dneprostal" Co Ltd on the section “Pridneprovskaya HPP – SS Pechnaya" became in many points such where the word "for the first time" was often repeated.

● first in Ukraine CL for 180/330 kV voltage;
● first СL, laid in pipe under the bottom of Samara river (the length of the transition - 464 m);
● first CL, constructed completely with using screens transposition on the whole length;
● first CL, where the use of thermo-control system is provided;
● first project of CL 330 kV, performed by Ukrainian design institute "Ukrselenergoproject" in the whole scope;
● first CL, where the cable of 1x800/150 and 1x1000/150 section is applied;
● first CL of high voltage, laid without using concrete pallets - for the best heat exchange and increase the transmission capacity the cable is laid in the layer of sandy-cement mixture;
● for the first time the cable is delivered on drums by diameter of 3,8 m with total weight of the drum about
15 tons.

As a result of competitive bidding the "SVS-DNIPRO" company became a winner and was recognized as a prime contractor. Nearly 90 % of the project scope was performed by own strength.
Apart it should be noted that works on cable coupling boxes mounting were performed by the specialists of the manufacturer SUDKABEL with attraction of Ukrainian installers and use of previously bought tool kit (the total weight of three tool kits more then 3 tons).


Some features of mounted CL 330 kV:
1. The cable of A2XS(FL)2Y mark by the SUDKABEL (Germany) company production mainly of 1x800/150 cross-section and only on the transition area under railway tracks of Pridneprovskaya station -1x1000/150. The construction lengths are mainly of 1000 m on the drums of type 38. External diameter of the cable - 108 mm, weight of 1 m - 11 kg.
2. The total length of the line route - 12,8 km, nearly 3 km out of them were laid in polyethylene pipes (PE), that were laid by the method of horizontally directed drilling (HDD) and almost 2,5 km are on the territory of operational metallurgical plant and Pridneprovskaya HPP. It’s double-circuit line with general length of the cable equal to 78 km.
3. Cabling in one continuous pipe section - 480 m.
4. Cable laying under the bottom of navigable Samara river - 464 m.
5. The number of terminal boxes - 12 pieces and coupling and transposition boxes - 84 pieces. The last one are mounted in monolithic concrete cells of 5x15 m by size disposed on metallic prefabricated elements.
6. Heat control cable - fiber-optic, laid in special tube inside of each circuit.

Installation work
On preparation and works execution appeared a lot of problems, which required its own decisions. Among them it is possible to note:
● The necessity to ensure the strength of cable tension that is not more then tolerable - 2400 kg. Initial calculations at length of one section about 1000 m with taking into account the turns and height differences, as well as laying in pipes, shown the values up to 6500 kg in the last phase of cable tension. Special equipment was bought and made in order to solve this problem - pull winch up to 5 tons, special rollers with lowered friction factor (straight, angular, guiding, pipe), special tightening device of the type "cable dog", returning device for the drums of big diameter and weight, as well as with special lubricant for cabling in pipes, which works at the temperature up to – 20 °С designed jointly with research institute. As a result of performed measures the pulling stress did not exceed tolerable that is confirmed by special recording devices, installed on pull winches.
● Cabling at winter time at the temperature up to –10 °С. In order to ensure the requirements of the manufacturer on temperature modes the special constructions were made to warm-up cable before laying (taking into account the size of drum with cable).
● Guaranteed provision of temperature inside the camera during cable installation – should be not less then +10 °С (besides that the temperature outside of camera was lowered up to – 25 °С ). For this purpose it was specially designed and made sectional construction of the tent with autonomous heat and heating.
● Trench excavation in the place of output the monolithic granite rock on the surface - rock development by hydro-hammers and coal hammers did not give the result, and performing the usual blasting operations was impossible - busy highway was alongside, row of dwellings was located on the distance of 50 m. To solve the given problem in the course of performing many tests it was decided to ruin the rock by means of electrochemical micro-explosions (the blast of aluminum powder mixture in bored hole by high-voltage electrical discharge).
● Heavy weather conditions during construction - snow and frosts up to – 25 °С in winter time, - an ample melting of the snow and flood in springtime, and hot weather up to + 35 °С in summer period.
Execution of such the most complex work has once again proved the professional skill of the specialists of CJSC "SVS-DNIPRO", their ability to solve the non-standard problems in limited periods and develop the new technological decisions in construction of high-voltage CL. The other important result of the given project implementation is a demonstration of possibility to construct extended CL on 330 kV voltage in city conditions that will allow to revise the schemes of development of the cable networks with use the method of "deep insertion", and signifies – the possibility to reduce the losses and reduce the expenses on capital construction.

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