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4a, Promyslova street
01013, Kiev, Ukraine
tel: +38 (044) 545-71-24, 25
4 Shkilna street
07301, Vishgorod, Ukraine
tel: +38 (044) 451-67-21


     The guideline for action for Group of companies "SVS-Dnipro" is implementation of electric installation work on constructing utilities/ electrical, and heating networks, heating-man, laying cable lines (CL), air-lines (AL) and power lines (PM), main supply lines. As well as building work, designing, construction projects on a turnkey basis, capital construction based on any requirements of customer.   

     Being the leading company in Ukrainian power engineering, "SVS-Dnipro" also closely cooperates with foreign partners.  The company is specialized in installation of electrical equipment, transformer substations and control substation (EE, TS and CS), electric lighting for living quarters, public and industrial buildings. Water supply and water pipes are included in the complex of company can-be-solved tasks.

     Specialists of enterprise fulfill electric installation work on hydroelectric power stations.

     Besides, staff of the enterprise carries out disassembling operations, is engaged in reconstruction, capital and complex repairs of constructions and installations.

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